X-2 Super Autopilot (X-2 v2) Wire connection and Aircraft Type Part1-5


1.Connect 1,2,3,4,2s and 4s to your receiver channel,1 to Aileron,2 to Elevator,3 to Throttle,4 to rudder,2s to 2-way switch,3S to 3-way switch.
2.Connect the servos and GPS.
3.Set Aircraft type,LED A and LED B both:single flash:Normal,double flash:Flying-wing,Triple flash:V-tail
4.Sensor calibration:throttle to lowest,set flight mode as Manual(LED A off),move the aileron stick to the most right or left part for 5secs,both LED flash quickly same time,then resume to normal,release stick,calibration finish.
For Gain value and Mininum throttle for RTF,please watch Part2/5.

If you have any question regarding set-up,please contact at support@siglomax.com.