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Hi Welcome to Wayman Aviation. I am Wayman Eduardo Second generation co-owner of Wayman Aviation and Flight Training. Welcome to our Miami Opa Locka Airport Campus. Let me show you around a little bit. Welcome to the Wayman Aviation Ramp. Let me tell you a little bit about the field, Opa Locka Airport is a historic World War 2 Navy Base. Hundreds of acres here in the middle of North Miami. Amelia Earhart took off from here on her historic flight around the world. It was founded by Glenn Curtis one of the original pioneers of aviation. The field itself is huge. We have an 8,000 runway. You can land a 747 here, a diagonal runway and a dedicated training runway.

Let me show you 2 of our planes. The Cessna 172 is the most popular ever built. There is something like 40,000 ever built. You can go to any airport and find a Cessna 172. The original structure with the high wing, long tail to the back and propellor in the front has not changed dramatically since the 50s. That is because it is such a safe steady airplane to fly. This is very typical of our trainers. You have analog instruments, the radio stack here in the middle. We have standardized on Garmin 430s for our GPSes. Initial pilots do not need the GPS but it is a great tool.

Here at Wayman we are flying a fleet of 27 aircraft. The vast majority of them are Cessnas just like this one. This is an R Model. We have a ramp full of classics over there. Now lets go take a look at a new G1000 model.

In the new SP G1000 models the basic structure of the aircraft has not changed very much, it is all in the inside where the updates have taken place. Here we have the G1000 with Glass screens, it is basically a combination of GPS, Instruments, and radios all on these 2 screens. Excellent technology and particularly useful for your instrument training.

Opa Locka Tower has one of the first NextGen towers in the country. It opened just about a year ago. It offers all sorts of great GPS approaches into this very international port of entry to south florida. For our advanced trainers we use Piper senecas like this. We have 3 available to us. To complete students through multi-engine, commercial and ATP training.

Wayman Flight Training is an international Flight Training center. About 70% of our students come to us from throughout the world. South America, the carribean, Asia, Europe and Africa. Every continent is represented for the most part. Here is our flight planning area. Where students can layout their charts, Hop on the computers, check the weather. Here is the student lounge. As you can see students visit us from all around the world. We have captains flying at almost every airline in the world; JetBlue, American, Lion Air, Taca, Lan, and Lufthansa. They really are everywhere

Welcome to our aviation store. This is the largest aviation store in Miami, it is very rare to find an aviation store of this size. We have everything from Pilot headsets to simulators, charts, uniforms and every book you can think of. It is a great resources for not only our students, but every airport in the area. In fact we have captains that drive up the 7 miles from Miami International to this store so we also carry 737 manuals and airbus headsets.

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