[Vlog] Life of an Airline Pilot | Week 05 | Part 2

Diet Remains same as mentioned in the previous video, also copying the same below.

This is a hardcore diet, I used for my contest prep.

Monday- 300 gm carbs (50 garm carbs in 6 meals)
Tuesday- 150 gm carbs (50 gms carbs in 3 meals)
Wednesday- 50 gm
Thrusday – 300 gms again
Friday- 150 gm
Saturday . 50 gm
Sunday . . . No carbs

Protein is constant. We increase protein and also fats only on zero carb day that is Sunday.

How Much is 50 Gm Carbs ?? – Ideally I recommend having 1 cup rice (measured cooked) OR 70 gm oats (measured uncooked) OR 230 gm sweet potato. once you count the fibrous carbs from veggies and other sources you will hit the desired calorie mark for the day.

Having Veggies is important for good digestion and over progress.

HIIT cardio-

Treadmill- run for 1 min at a pace of 9 kmph and walk on incline with a speed of apprx 5.8-6kmph (This is an idea, you can follow your own protocol)

Elliptical- set high resistance for 1 min and then medium resistance for 2 min.
Idea is to take heart range upto 130-135 bpm range and then bring it back to 110 bpm range.


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