Top 5 Helicopter Flight Training Struggles Chapter #10 Check Ride

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Helicopter Check Ride Chapter 10 The Top 5 Helicopter Training Struggles. One of our members contacted me last night. She was all excited because she just got a 95% on her written test. I just flat out asked her, “How much do you think Helicopter Online Ground School helped you on passing the written test?”
“When I did my Helicopter Private Pilot Check-Ride the emphasis on weather and all the PTS required weather charts and what they mean. How long they are valid, and what their purpose for all are under talked about. Weather is something all helicopter pilots have to have good grasp on for their entire helicopter private pilot training and career. I have a good start to grasping that at the private level could always be helpful. They sneak up on yaw…that’s what I remember the most.”
“Fear of the Helicopter Check-Ride with examiner, knowing they have 18,000 hours and I’m to try and believe my passenger is just a newbie. Your helicopter ground school is very helpful. I can go over it as much as needed. I believe it helped me with my autos. Thanks my Helicopter Check-Ride was a success!” “Yep the helicopter ground school portion was the hardest. I had many different helicopter instructors and they were all impatient; didn’t want you to ask questions. Once an instructor learns it they think it is easy and they forget how they struggled to learn it all. I think the general attitude of the CFI is the biggest hurdle. Most places require you to teach and the CFIs feel like they are doing time until they can get out of there. I can’t wait to be a CFI because I plan on having a different attitude that is why being able to watch the Helicopter Training videos was helpful. No. 3: Landing. The next struggle many students have is landing. At first, I was somewhat surprised. Then, when I think about it, I can remember when I first got started; I struggled with landings as well. I think takeoffs were a little easier to pick up than what landing is.

Helicopter Check Ride Chapter 10 The Top 5 Helicopter Training Struggles

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