Tips to Prepare for Commercial Flight Training

CPLMEIR. This is a course that combines three essential parts of flight training to become a professional pilot. The CPL (commercial pilot license) is what allows a pilot to fly professionally. The MEIR (multi-engine instrument rating) is what allows pilots to fly multi engine aircraft in IFR flights.

This video focuses on helping the future CPLMEIR student prepare for his or her training, after they’ve finally finished the hard slog of going through the ATPL exams, and have (sadly) exhausted all the hours spent in the air during the hour building.

This video focuses on a few main points:

Pre-course prep: making sure that you’re all set up to actually be able to go on the course

Acquiring study materials: Making sure you get all the resources you need in order to prepare yourself as efficiently as possible for the course.

Studying: What to focus on during your preparation for the course.

Disclaimer: I am not a flight instructor, simply a guy wanting to share my experience, student to student, to help better prepare those who are following in the same footsteps.

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