The Vickers Vedette – a uniquely Canadian aircraft

The Vedette landing at English Bay is part of the #4 Squadron formed February 17th 1933 at Jericho Beach as a Flying Boat unit.

The Canadian Vickers Vedette was the first aircraft in Canada designed and built to meet a Canadian specification for Canadian conditions. It was a single engine flying boat purchased to meet a RCAF specification for an aircraft suitable for forestry survey and fire protection control work. The type went on to have a long and distinguished career in civil operations with the RCAF. Five versions of the Vedette were produced, including two amphibious versions and one with an enclosed cabin on an all-metal hull.

In RCAF service, the aircraft proved popular and versatile. It was able to perform photographic and forestry patrols satisfactorily and provided a backbone for RCAF flying operations through the difficult depression years.

In total 60 were built, 45 used by the RCAF, 7 by Manitoba, 5 by Saskatchewan, 5 by others and 6 exported to Chile