The History of the Bomber Aircraft

This documentary looks at the history of the bomber aircraft. Early aviators chucked grenades from their open cockpits on the enemy below.
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Today’s strategic bombers can deliver their multi-ton payloads with pinpoint accuracy from miles above the target. BOMBERS is an explosive tour through the history of these mighty airplanes.
Trace the incredible advances that were made in just a few years during World War I, when the planes evolved from a curiosity into a legitimate threat. Get an up-close look at planes like the B-17 and B-29, which played a vital role in World War II, and see extensive footage of them in action.
In Vietnam, the American air force used bombers in similarly vast numbers to lay waste to the jungles of South East Asia, and in the Gulf War bombers were used to deliver payloads with pinpoint accuracy. Former pilots recall what it was like to fly over Nazi Germany, and today’s pilots reveal what it is like in the cockpit of some of the most advanced aircraft ever built.
From the birth of aviation to the awesome B-1 B, this is a comprehensive look at the mighty planes that rain death from above.
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