#TechnicallyBetter: Aircraft Pilot Training at TSTC

Don’t wing it. Know your options.

With more than 12.1 million annual take-offs and landings, the aviation industry is booming in Texas. We’ll help your career to lift off. You can choose from two Associate of Applied Science degrees: Fixed-wing (airplane) and Rotary (helicopter). After completing your degree, you can become certified as a flight instructor to rack up airtime flight hours more quickly. If you have an aviation background and you’re set on a path to enter the workforce in less time, TSTC offers certifications in Commercial Pilot-Helicopter and Multi-Engine Aircraft Pilot. Get registered today: http://www.tstc.edu/programs/AircraftPilotTraining?_ga=1.11364468.1368369552.1467301635 #TechnicallyBetter

Pilot Training