Spektrum iX12 Instructional Series – Wing Types Explained


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The Spektrum iX12 makes setting up complicated aircraft a breeze by utilizing the familiar Spektrum Airware framework that seasoned Spektrum users have come to love, now enhanced by the full featured color touch screen display.

This video will help you better understand how using the Aircraft Type Menu. Aircraft Type defines what type of model configuration the iX12 is set up to control. Therefore, this menu should be the first step after creating a new model. The choices made in this menu define default channel assignments and enable pre-defined mixes with custom menus designed specifically for the selected application. This menu appears differently for each of the four model options chosen from during model creation in Model Utilities. Choosing from the common configurations in this menu opens access to other menus not shown otherwise. Flaps, for example, can be assigned to a switch and made to function without using one of the pre-configured options. However, by assigning the correct wing type in the Aircraft Type menu, a Flap System menu is enabled in the Model Adjust list. The Flap System menu gives the pilot the choice of switches and a built-in elevator compensation mix, which makes fine-tuning an airplane for level flight throughout the flap range much easier. Options that enable mixes will label the default assigned channels in other menus, such as Servo Setup and Monitor. In menus options, select an on-screen diagram that matches the control layout on the aircraft.

A great companion to this video and many of our Instructional videos is the Spektrum iX12 Manual found here – http://bit.ly/iX12Manual

The Spektrum™ iX12 radio is an intelligent 12-channel transmitter matched with a powerful combination of features and next-level connectivity. Groundbreaking yet comfortably familiar, RC pilots of all aircraft types can use the iX12 to out fly everything in its class. Literally “tap” into the iX12’s programming. Its 4-inch, full-color, easy-to-read monitor delivers crisp, clear detail that includes state-of-the-art touchscreen technology so that navigation is simple. And, because the interface is a fully functional Android system with a dedicated quad-core processor, it will work with an evolving list of apps from the Google Play store.

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