SKYMO AEROWASH Exterior Aircraft Cleaner Conforms to MIL-PFR-87937D Type IV

SKYMO AEROWASH for aircraft exteriors has been newly reformulated to take advantage of the latest advances in aqueous cleaner raw materials. Combining two of the most advanced products with SKYMO’s award winning original formula has produced a superior concentrate that removes the most stubborn of soils effortlessly in one pass. It contains no butyl, solvents, glycol ethers, acids or free caustics. It is Non-flammable and Biodegradable. SKYMO AEROWASH leaves no residue. It provides legendary clean ability on even the toughest soils. SKYMO AEROWASH is safe to use on virtually all water-safe surfaces.
Used with the newly redesigned SKYMO CLEANING STATION with a 1: 10 mix ratio in either hard or soft water, SKYMO AEROWASH is extremely economical and efficiently fast.