SECRET SUPERPOWER AIRCRAFT FIGHTER JETS Discovery History Military full documentary

The USA cover-up and conspiracy! Say no to the Super Hornet! Back at the start of the cold war there was only one way to carry out an air attack on Canada and the USA and that was over the north pole. Three early warning systems were being looked at by Canada and the USA the Pinetree line, the MCL (Mid-Canada Line) and the Dew line (Distant Early Warning). and that’s were the AVRO Arrow came into the picture. A long range high flying fast interceptor we all know what happened to the Arrow it was cancelled while still undergoing testing. Canada ended up with the USA Voodoos and the CIM-10 Bomarc missile. The first Arrow off the line the Arrow MK1 showed stats as good as or better then the Voodoo and the Bomarc missile was next to useless for air defence of Canada. The controversy of the Arrows cancellation was and still is the cost overruns, the Canadian government, Russian spies, and the USA. Did the Canadian government kill the Arrow because of cost overruns maybe however I’m not really convinced that was the real reason. If cost overruns were the reason then why destroy the Arrow and all the assemble tools and try to destroy the plans in such a mysteries a way? Did Canadian government kill the Arrow because of Russian spies again maybe but I come back the same question why destroy the Arrow and all the assemble tools and try to destroy the plans in such a mysteries a way? Really the Russians were stopped and would not be able to get any more information. When Viktor Belenko defected with the MIG-25 After examining the MIG-25 the USA said that the Russians must have copied their A-5 Vigilante the carrier-based supersonic bomber. However years latter the Royal Canadian Mounted Police told of a long held secret about the Russian spies getting into the AVRO Arrow plant. So which was copied the Arrow or the Vigilante? The Arrow design studies started in 1953 the Vigilante design began in a private study in 1953 First flight of the Arrow 25 March 1958 first flight of the Vigilante 31 August 1958 (Wikipedia) It would seem more likely with the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) Disclosing the Spies and the USA designing in a private study, it was the Arrow that got copied. Cost overruns would not be the cause of the destruction of the Arrow and all the equipment and nether would the Russian spies. So that leaves us still with why did the Canadian government destroyed the Arrow in such a mysteries way? Well the USA were building the U2 spy plane and having an armed interceptor able to shoot it down would not be in their best interest. However would that be a reason to destroy the Arrow, the equipment and the plans not that likely. The USA also said they were interested in the Arrow and had free access to the AVRO plant. Could the Vigilante be a copy of the Arrow? Have a look at the pictures and stats of the Vigilante and the Arrow Google them. I was shocked and surprised by the strong similarities. Did the Canadian team have access to the Vigilante plans not very likely at all as it was a private study. However the USA did had access to the Arrow plans. The USA would have very strong reasons for the Canadian government to have all the planes, equipment, and the plans destroyed, a cover-up of their stealing of the Arrow information would be in their best interest. Would they do something like this? Take a look at what happened to the TSR2 the USA said it was interested in the TSR2 and when went to have a good look at the plane. After the British government cancelled the TSR2 and ordered the planes to be destroyed with all equipment and the plans. Yes the TSR2 had cost overruns but no Russian spies it looks like another USA cover-up and conspiracy . Also the USA was working on the F-111 Aardvark at the time and wanted to sell them to the British. If your starting to see the picture have a look at the XF-108 another Arrow look a like! Now with the Canadian government saying no to the F-35 the USA wants Canada to buy the Super Hornet a stop gap plane instead of building the MK3 Super Arrow we need to say no again to the USA and have a good look at what the USA and our government is planning to do.