Piston Aircraft Engines


This is a simple animation explaining the basics of how piston aircraft engines work.
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Types of Aircraft Piston Engines


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In this video I’m going to give brief, basic overview on how piston aircraft engines.
Piston aircraft engines come in many types, but before we going into the common types let’s talk about how the engine works. As the name suggest the engine uses a piston. This piston converts linear movement (up and down) into rotational movement by rotating a crank shaft.
Here’s how that works:
In a four-stroke piston engine 5 events occur in these four strokes (one stroke is the one of the full movements up or down) These events are intake compression, combustion and exhaust.
Intake: The cam shaft pulls the piston down. This creates a vacuum in the cylinder pulling in a mixture of fuel and air.
Compression/Ignition: As the crank shaft continues to spin and pushes the piston back up which compresses the mixture.
Ignition: at the top of the stroke the mixture is ignited.
Power: The ignition pushes the piston down which rotates the crank shaft
Exhaust: As the crank shaft spins it pushes the piston up which forces the exhaust from the ignition out of the cylinder