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The standard of pilot training overseas will be of a higher grade. The facilities and maintenance of aircraft will be of world class. Training will be given by experienced and competent flight instructors. The CPL training has been integrated with Multi Engine training. Instrument flying provided will be of the highest standard. The training is based on DGCA standard and requirement. The students trained abroad can easily pass the DGCA conversion examination.

Even though there are institutes in India which offer pilot training, the number of these institutes does not meet up the demands of the aviation sector as a whole. Despite the swelling aviation sector, Commercial Pilot Training Institutes in India are in their initial stage. Thus, most of the Indian students aiming to receive Commercial Pilot Training usually go abroad. They seek for quality training from skilled instructors outside India to obtain the Commercial Pilot License.

There are 3 major advantages in opting for an overseas flight training school:
Technology advantage
Time advantage
Intensity Advantage

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