Papillon Rubber Powered Aircraft FULL BUILD very long video

Papillon Rubber Powered Aircraft FULL BUILD very long video for insomniacs. I have had several requests to get on and build this kit that I picked up in a charity shop so here we go. There is not much chance of test flying it while it is still winter with the wet and windy weather. Due to YouTube’s new policy on monetisation I will probably publish this video on both my channels. Normally the long videos would be kept on my “GrandadsOtherChannel” for reference purposes and shorter videos would be published on my “GrandadIsAnOldMan” channel.

Details on the box
20″ Wingspan
Laser cut parts
Build in one evening
Extra rubber bands in 2 lengths
Fully ground adjustable controls
Contest balsa and japanese tissue
by Freedom Flight – Dave Zeigler
Rubber Powered Flying Model
Made in U.S.A.

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