NGX Visuals circuits | Cross wind landing EGCC ”flying lessons” | Episode 2

Matthews video:

Link to 737NG visual circuits:

I will get back to regular movie content after my exams are over I am right in the middle of them all at the moment. I filmed this in between studying so thank you for your patience and I hope you enjoy this long video.

Weather: 30 miles visibility with 34kts gusting to 38 knots wind from 80 degrees left of the runway heading

0:55 Flap 30 landing
6:34 Flap 30 landing
11:37 Flap 30 landing ( No call outs)
16:10 Flap 15 landing
21:09 Flap 30 landing
26:25 No flap landing ( Didn’t go too well )
30:47 Matthews No Flap landing.

Pilot Training