Matt’s first RC Heli Flying Lesson!

I’ve finally convinced Matt to give RC Heli’s a go. His 1st RC Heli is a Walkera 5#10 All CNC Metal head, Swash Plate, Blade Holders etc, carbon fibre tail fin, really nicely built coaxial helicopter which includes 2.4GHz radio as standard. Walkera in the past I’ve associated with cheap ‘n’ nasty helicopters but they seem to have really lifted their game with their latest release models.. especially some of their new ‘indoor’ models like the 4#3B (which is a littler ripper!) and the 5#10. I think Matt is now addicted to RC Helicopters like I am as he managed to chew through all of his rechargable batteries and then moved onto mine!..hahahaha This video is about 10 mins after he first ever tried flying…and as you can see he did a great job & picked it up really fast. More videos to come.

Pilot Training