Light aircraft crash landing

This was filmed from my cockpit at a very popular fly in recently as I awaited my turn to line up. I asked the permission of the pilot of the crashed aeroplane before posting this clip.
A Tiger Moth had crashed on takeoff earlier and the AAIB closed the runway for several hours whilst an investigation was carried out. Several of us met up in the shade of my wing and passed the time talking about all things concerned with flying whilst patiently waiting for the runway to be opened. Eventually we were good to go but unfortunately, as you will see, the canopy was not properly secured on Tango Echo which directly caused the crash at the threshold.
I spoke to the pilot after the accident, a very experienced aviator, who explained that this was his first accident in 50 years of flying. We were relieved he was uninjured especially as he was one of the guys we were laughing and having a great social time with in the shade of our wing.
He later explained how badly the open canopy affected the airflow over the elevator that resulted in a high sink rate whilst his angle of attack voice alert was shouting at him to push push push. You will see from the slo mo just how open the canopy had become.
When all is said, he did a great job getting back on the ground and walking away from what could have been a far more serious accident. He did say he would install a fail safe for the canopy latches and fully intends getting Tango Echo back into the air.
If there is a lesson to be learned, it ought to be, check you’ve done your checks. Safe flying everyone.

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