Learning to fly FPV in ACRO Mode – Part 1

Learning to fly FPV in ACRO Mode Part 1

On my journey for FPV excellence, this is my first steps in the world of ACRO flying. It’s not exciting. I don’t fly through buildings, nor do I “Knife’s Edge” as per Mr.Steele’s jaw dropping stunts, nor do I fly under cars.

But these are my beginnings and at some point someone out there might want to see where one can start in this exciting new hobby of quad racings and freestyle stunts.

Here are the specs of the rig seen in this video:

Frame: Arris X-Speed
Motors: Emax 1806
ESCs: Emax 12A BEC
FC: Flip 32+
FPV: FatShark Predator v2
Radio: FrSky Taranis
Receiver: FrSky D4R-II
Camera: Sony 600TL

Please enjoy!

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