LEARNING TO FLY ACRO MODE – Tiny Whoop – Micro FPV Quadcopter – Blade Inductrix FPV

Learning to fly Quad copters isn’t always easy especially when you turn auto leveling off. It’s a whole new ball game when the quad doesn’t correct itself but this is my new goal. Learning to fly Acro mode. No auto level, just me. Piloting my craft with no assistance.

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Game Settings: Maxed Out

Running AMD CCC 14.2 Beta Drivers

DISPLAYS – BenQ 27″ 1080p LED Gaming Monitor & (2)Asus 22″ LCD’s * OR * All Three in Eyefinity (5072×1050)
CASE – HAF 932 Advanced
CPU – Intel i7 4770k w/CM Hyper 212+ Push/Pull (OC’d 4.5ghz)
MOBO- AsRock Z87 Fatal1ty
RAM – 16gb Samsung DDR3 1600mhz (OC’d) 2133mhz
GFX – Sapphire HD 7970 (OC’d 1220/1700@1.25v)
PSU – Antec EA750 (750watt)
SSD – Crucial M4 128gb
HDD – WD 500gb, 7200rpm
Headphones – (Shopping Around)
Microphone – Blue Snowball
Mouse – Logitec Gaming Mouse
Speakers – Logitec Surround System
Keyboard – Logitec Ergonomic Gaming Series
Webcam – Logitec C525 (720p)
Flash Drives – 32gb PNY Usb3, 16gb PNY Usb2, 8gb PNY Usb2

Music Provided By: www.AudioMicro.com

Pilot Training