Learn to Fly a Powered Paraglider

Movie Trailer
A great introduction to the sport of powered paragliding and learning to fly a powered paraglider. Shows what to expect from first lessons, first solo flight, to advanced flying techniques. This program has spectacular in-air footage and great soundtrack.

“Realize your dream of flying with the simplest and lightest form of powered aviation available today.” That is the message of the latest video from Paul Hamilton and Adventure Productions. It was created to introduce a person to ultralight flying fundamentals and how modern technologies plus enhanced training techniques have made learning to fly easier than ever before.

Topics Covered

Step-by-step training
Ground school
Simulator training
Ground handling
Equipment fundamentals of wing and power pack
Animated modeling to illustrate climb/ descent attitudes
Animated modeling to illustrate flight patterns
Weather to fly
“Starting Powered Paragliding, Freedom to Fly”, is educational – featuring the fundamentals of the sport, plus entertaining — with stunning visuals and a great stereo sound track. It will answer all of the questions a person has about learning to fly an ultralight powered paraglider. The video’s inspiring imagery was filmed in New Mexico, Florida, Canada, France and Italy.

Adventure Productions
Producer/Director: Paul Hamilton

Pilot Training