Learn to Fly 3 Walkthrough

Because of special events concerning the release of Learn to Fly 2 for mobile, we have decided to release Learn to Fly 3 on our own servers only for a limited time. We cannot determine at the moment how long it will take, but Fishing Cactus told us that it should be fully released by mid-November.

Until then, please enjoy this full version of Learn to Fly 3, and know that we are sorry for this restriction. There wasn’t any perfect solution this this problem, but we feel that this is the best we could do; allowing everyone to play the game, but limiting its distribution for now.

In game.

Background Music: Crimson Fly
Artist: Huma-Huma
Game’s Creator: LightBringer

Play the game here: http://lbgserver.com/learntofly3/game.php

Pilot Training