KSP – Flying Club – Aerotow launching a glider

I’d built a glider (I’m not sure why) and it launched using jet engines under it’s wings. But that didn’t seem right, so I then spent much much longer developing a way to tow it into the air using another plane.

Craft downloads
The Glider – http://kerbalx.com/katateochi/Updraft
The prop plane – http://kerbalx.com/katateochi/Proppy

The truck coming soon……
It’s built on the chassis of pandoraskitten’s Ford-F-150-Replica
(which was itself based on a design by BlueCanary)

Music (in order)

Disorder of the Mind by Kognitif

Lying Awake by SizzleBird

Beating Heart by SizzleBird

Star Wars (cantina) Rameses B mix

Pilot Training