Keila lands on a beach for her First Flight Ever! #FlyWithMeFriday with Cory Robin

Meet Keila! She’s never flown in an airplane before. Today we will land on a beach, simulate an engine failure and enjoy the wonder and marvel of flying!

We find some of the most breathtaking and beautiful views of the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

Keila has decided she wants to pursue a private pilot license! We will follow her journey.

LOTS of flight training school and scholarship info here courtesy of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)

Watch for a new episode of #FlyWithMeFriday most… Friday’s!

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How you can get a ride in an airplane with your local EAA chapter:


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“FlyWithMeFriday” with Cory Robin is an aviation introductory flight experience designed to introduce, welcome, and encourage people to discover flying. Cory and his crew select people from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and from any age. The common theme is they have no prior flight experience. While some may already have an interest in aviation, we prefer to find people who perhaps never thought about it before, we may even find someone who has a fear of flying they want to overcome. Our hope is to ignite the dream of flying and show that it’s closer than you think.

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