Jon Gomm – The Secret Of Learning To Fly Is Forgetting To Hit The Ground

This tune is the hardest thing I have ever written, or attempted to play, or imagined existing on a guitar. I’m curious to see if anyone else can play it, so I’ve transcribed the guitar tab and instructions (all nineteen pages of it) and it’s available from my website, and the first person to learn it to any vaguely OK-ish standard (as judged by me) wins my complete guitar pickup system – a Fishman Rare Earth Mic Blend plus a Fishman BP100, total list price over $750. Submit your entry at 

Get the Tab or the single download or the full album “Live In The Acoustic Asylum” from

This tune’s title is a reference to Douglas Adams, The Secret Of Learning To Fly Is Forgetting To Hit The Ground, but that’s a stupidly long title so I call it “Orville” for short. It’s supposed to have a frenetic air and a ramshackle mechanical groove, capturing a desperate attempt at flight like that of an early biplane (like Orville Wright’s) or a baby bird (like Orville The Duck), until the very ending of the song, when it finally takes flight.

Pilot Training