Introduction to Island Flying Course (Big Island, Hawaii)

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Tropicbird Flight Service presents an introduction to flying in the Big Island of Hawaii for pilots and prospective pilots. Take a closer look at what your classroom could be during your flight training here.

Taking off from Kona Airport, head North and do a touch and go at Upolu Point, which is a small, isolated airport located next to the shoreline, on the North tip of the island. Then see…
– Polulu Valley
– Paokalani Island
– Waimanu Valley
– Waipio Valley
– Overfly Hilo Airport
– Kilauea Volcano
– Sunset while flying near Mauna Kea (the tallest mountain in the world, measured from the sea floor).
– Night landing back in Kona.

Tropicbird Flight Service offers flight training for prospective and current pilots. Visit for more information.

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