Hybrid Aircraft and Helicopter Bell V-22 Osprey in action


Hybrid Aircraft and Helicopter Bell B-22 Osprey in action

That such an interesting car was developed jointly by Boeing and Bell for the US Marine Corps. Two engines are located at the ends of the wing in the gondolas, which can rotate almost 98 degrees, while the V-22 Osprey is able to fly and land on one engine running. Briefly about the technical characteristics of the convertoplan:

Maximum speed:
in the airplane mode – 565 km / h.
in helicopter mode – 185 km / h.
cruising speed – 510 km / h.
practical ceiling – 7 620 m.
with one engine – 3,139 m.
The mass of the empty envelope is 15 000 kg.
weight of payload – 5,445 kg.
length of the fuselage – 17.48 m.
The wing span at the ends of the propeller blades is 25.78 m.
length with folded blades – 19.23 m.
The width with folded blades is 5.64 m.
the height along the keels is 5.38 m.

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