How to Become an Airline Pilot in India

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I graduated from IIT Kharagpur as a Civil Engineer and then decided to pursue my dream of becoming a Pilot. Its never too late. So here are the steps for you to follow your dreams and get your wings.

How To Become An Airline Pilot In India

STEP 01- You need to have physics and Maths in your class 12th. If you don’t then you have to give physics (for commerce) or Maths(for biology students) from open School.

Get your mark sheets verified (both 10th and 12th ) by your respective Boards. Ask them to send it directly to DGCA.

English is an requirement for aviation. All the studies are in English, plus you also need an ELP certificate (English language proficiency). Don’t worry about this now. This will be taken care by your Employer in the Future.

STEP 02- Get your Class II medical done.

List of class 2 medical doctors can be found at

You have to send your class 2 medical reports to DGCA and they will generate your File no. On the basis of that. File no. Is your identification in DGCA. You will need this life long in your career. All your records are maintained by DGCA through this File no.

STEP 03- Apply for Class 01 Medical

On the basis of your class 2 medical and File no. You can apply for Class 1 medical

Rules regarding Class 1 Medical and Class 1 Medical centres can be found at.

STEP 04 – Apply for Computer no.

In order to apply for Exams, you need a computer no by CEO (central examination Organisation). This no remains with you through out your career and all communication with CEO requires this no.

You can apply for computer no at
You will also find all the documents required on this website.
Form for application-

STEP 05- Apply for police verification.

You need a police verification certificate before you can commence your flying. This has to be done via Commissioner office of that particular city/area. This Process may take some time.

STEP 06- Apply for DGCA Exams.

After getting computer number, apply for DGCA exams through CEO.
You need to pay nominal fee for the exams. The validity of the papers, once cleared is 5 years. Meaning, you have to complete your all flying and submit all the docs including the exam results within that duration. If you fail to do so, you will have to clear all the exams again.

People flying from India have to clear- (books mentioned in the bracket)
Aviation Meterology- (Oxford or From the ground up)
Air Regulations (RK Bali)
Air Navigation (Oxford)
Technical Specific (Single engine and multi engine)
Technical General

All other books-

People Flying from Abroad only have to clear the first 3 exams. Also Navigation and Met are combined into one exam, called composite. Although , I gave all three separate. You can do whatever suits you.

Syllabus for exams-

STEP 07- Clear WPC RTR (A) and get a license. You will apply for FRTOL licence in DGCA on the basis of RTR (A) license issued by ministry of telecommunications. Head Office Sanchar Bhavan. These exams are conducted in one city at a time.
This consists of 2 parts (Part 1 and part 2). Some people get RTR from Canada/UK or some other commonwealth countries. They need to only appear for part 1 of the exam. But they have to do this process every 5 years.

If you clear Indian RTR(A), its validity is lifetime.

FRTOL is issued by DGCA after completion of 10 hrs of flying.(only consider this if, flying in India)
Form for FRTOL-

STEP 08- All of you must be waiting for this part. Well This is the most interesting part.

Flying Schools in India-
I have covered most of it in the Video. Any specific questions will be covered in the LIVE session ( 18th January)

STEP 09-
Collect all paperwork.Fill all forms. Submit to DGCA with fees (DD required)
Form for issuance of CPL-
Form for Instrument rating –

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