How to become a Commercial Pilot after 12th class

Every Student wants to know how to become a pilot and wants to get a commercial pilot license? There are many pilot training institute/aviation courses to study of the pilot and fulfil your dream in pilot jobs and good salary.There is a wooming scope in aeronautical engineering as a Pilot.You Should Learn about airline pilot training before take a decision to become a Pilot

Pilot is not simple career as you have learned “how to drive a car?” You are the one most responsible person for hundreds of life in a single aircraft or airplane. You may need to carryout more than 100 headaches before flying a passenger aircraft or other private jets.

In the term, there are two pilots. The Senior and experienced Pilot is the captain and second one is the co-pilot. In bigger aircraft, there should be a third pilot too as the flight engineer. However, after the automatic computerized monitoring system, maximum airlines are left with only two pilots. The captain keep surveillance to other crew members while co-pilot monitoring the system and communicate with the air traffic controllers. The different functions of air pilots are:

Pilot Training