GoFundMe Flight Training for Amputee Pilot and Motivational Speaker

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When I was very young, I was inspired to become a pilot someday. However, when I was a senior in high school I was involved in an auto accident that would change my life forever. A pickup truck had run through a red traffic light right into me, which tossed me off of my motorcycle and resulted in me landing on my neck. I had suffered a very rare type of spinal cord injury where my nerve roots that control my arm and chest were actually completely pulled out of the spinal cord even though no bones had been broken. 6 long years passed after the injury and, after several major surgeries to try to repair the arm, I decided that I wanted to amputate my arm and move on with my life. Amputating my deteriorated arm was the best and most freeing thing that I could do for myself. After the amputation, having survived a near-death experience, I decided to go after my life purpose: flying. I began my training, and after 2 years of working hard at it, I earned my Private Pilot’s license. Now, my love is to share my aviation in experiences with others through social media in ways that motivate others to be the best version of themselves as possible.

My immediate goal for this GoFundMe campaign is to help me finish my Instrument training. Instrument (IFR) flight training is all about developing skills to fly when weather turns bad; for example when clouds, fog, rain, haze, mist, etc show up. It’s called the “Instrument rating” because these skills teach how to rely on your instruments and gauges in order to fly extremely precisely and safely regardless of what the weather is doing. Right now, as a visual-rated pilot only, I am limited to flying in good weather and visual conditions. I am currently 50% done with the training for this rating.


– 40 hours simulated or actual Instrument conditions

– 15 hours minimum dual instruction

– Average cost of each lesson: $250-$350

Remaining cost: $5,000

Pilot Training