Full video-‘Formation sunset ocean low level ultralight flight/instruction/training’-comms included

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This was an enlivening flight, being in the open air with great visibility and flying very low (just a 2-3 feet above the ocean waves, tree tops and ground at times) and very uplifting to expereince – especially at sunset and at the same time in formation with my buddy Bryant in the other ultralight aircraft..

Having the gopro3 camera on my head provides a more dynamic angle for shooting- the only thing is it was pointed down slightly lower than I thought and so some of the shots I thought I was getting of my buddy flying in formation or catching the the sun slipping below the horizon were not lined up but other than that the video is still fun and informative, especially including the communications audio and some basic instruction from my instructor..

Being a helicopter pilot myself-it took some getting used to not flying straight and level in forward flight with a ‘nose down’ attitude (instructor had to keep reminding me to put more back pressure on the stick to maintain altitude/airspeed)- also you don’t normally bank left and right using left and right stick (using ailerons) respectively in these ultralights as it produces adverse yaw (demonstrated in video) but it was hard to fight my habitual tendency to use the stick to bank and instead use the rudder pedals with gentle back pressure to bank left and right

Video is 43 minutes long

Ultralights operator- Skyrider Ultralights at Camarillo, CA; CFI- Chief Pilot- Mike Chicco

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As a rated Helicopter pilot also checkout my ‘How To Fly A Helicopter’ series playlist here- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLujXt86FpJPPsgUSNzv18FvN72xD-CeKV

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