Fokker Aircraft F27 F50 F100 1950s and 1960s history


On this DVD these wonderful films capture the pioneering age of Dutch commercial aviation when Anthony Fokker started producing Trimotor transports for the budding airlines of the day. The first part of this DVD presents archival black and white footage of the aircraft built by Fokker between the wars.

In the mid-1950s, Fokker emerged as an industry leader developing the revolutionary and popular Fokker F27 turboprop regional airliner. The design of the Fokker F27 started in the early 1950s as a replacement for the successful DC-3 airliner. Fokker evaluated a number of different configurations before finally deciding on a high wing twin Rolls-Royce Dart engine layout with a pressurised cabin for 28 passengers. The first prototype, registered PH-NIV, first flew on 24 November 1955, and the roll out and first flight of this aircraft is presented in glorious colour on this DVD. Also featured on this DVD is an amazing colour film produced by Fokker in the late 1950s that demonstrates the amazing capabilities of the F-27.

The Fokker 100 design was announced in 1983 as an updated replacement for Fokker’s popular, but superseded F28 Fellowship design. Two prototypes were built – the first, PH-MKH, flew for the first time on November 30, 1986, and the second, PH-MKC, followed on February 25, 1987. The type certificate was awarded in November 1987. The first deliveries of the TAY620-15 powered versions started to Swissair in February 1988.This DVD features a promotional video produced by Fokker featuring the F100 in service with Swissair.

Fokker management, notably Frans Swarttouw, decided that an aircraft with aerodynamic and electronic updates from both the Fokker F27 and the Fokker F28 (the short-range twin jet for 85 passengers) was sensible. Design of the Fokker 50 started in 1983, with DLT and Ansett Airlines of Australia being launch customers. Certification of the Fokker 50 (initially known as the Fokker F27 Mk050 or Fokker 50) by the Dutch aviation authority RLD was successfully completed in 1987 after four years of design review and flight testing. First delivery was made to DLT of Germany. Production ended in 1996 after the Fokker Aircraft Company went into liquidation. By the end of the program, 213 Fokker 50s had been produced. This DVD contains unique footage filmed by Henry Tenby of Avianca’s Fokker 50 that was delivered through Canada and demonstrated to Time Air and NWT Air by Fokker in November, 1994.