Flying Lesson: Lesson 2 – Basic Takeoffs and Landings (Uncut)

This as a re-upload of Lesson 2 in HD.

In this video, CFI Dana Holladay of Fleming Aviation, teaches student Ibrahim Eshera the basics of taking off and landing in the PiperSport.
This video series will track the progress of the student, Ibrahim Eshera, and his instructors road to attaining a private pilot license. Expect a new lesson to be uploaded every week. As we record more lessons the videos will increase in quality so bear with us as we start out. The aircraft used in this video is a Piper Sport Cruiser.

Key TImes
Checklist: 0:00 – 5:30
Taxi: 5:30 – 14:00
1st Takeoff: 14:05
1st Landing: 19:30


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