FAA Airplane & Helicopter Private Pilot Gound School Training Course Written Test Prep

FAA Airplane & Helicopter Private Pilot Ground School Training Course Written Test Prep


How would you like to become a pilot and fly fixed wing airplanes or helicopters? Does this sound interesting? You may be wondering what is involved. How much training do I need? You may wonder how many hours do I need for ground school to earn my Private Pilot’s License. How many hours do I need in the airplane. Am I healthy enough to fly. All good questions.

To become a private pilot you will need at least a third class medical. The average hours of flight training averages about 55-60 by the time most pilots are ready for their check ride. If you figure 1-2 hours per week for part time students with missed weeks due to weather and you are looking at 7 months to maybe as long as 15 months. It just depends on weather and the student’s skill and motivation.


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