Excalibur Aircraft, affordable, tandem two seat experimental aircraft kit.


http://www.mountvernonaviationexpo.com – Excalibur Aircraft, affordable, tandem two seat experimental aircraft kit. The Excalibur is an American made two seat, tandem seating experimental aircraft.

Power is supplied by the Hirth two stroke line of engines. It is also available in four stroke versions powered by the HKS and Jabiru. The Excalibur is a high wing, strut braced, pusher configuration.

In the U.S. the craft is available as an amateurbuilt kit, while in Canada it is available as an Advanced or Basic ultralight as well as an amateurbuilt aircraft.

In Europe it qualifies under the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale microlight rules.

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http://www.lightsportaircraftpilot.com – Excalibur Aircraft, affordable, tandem two seat experimental aircraft kit.