Evektor Aircraft, Evektor Harmony 10 year financing plan for flight schools.

http://www.sportaviationmagazine.com – Evektor Aircraft, Evektor Harmony 10 year financing plan for flight schools. Dan Johnson talks to Amy Minnich of Dreams Come True Aviation about her work in the light sport aircraft field, and about a new financing plan for flight schools looking at using the Evektor Harmony light sport aircraft in a flight training environment.

DCT Aviation provides Aircraft Sales, Light Sport Aircraft Parts, and Maintenance. Amy Minnich joined her father’s business in 2012. Amy is the Parts Manager, an LSRM and Rotax Certified (iRMT). Amy has also gone through Evektor and Pipistrel factory training.

Dreams Come True Aviation is a small family business that sells Evektor Aircraft, Evektor aircraft parts, aircraft rentals and consults with prospective owners, pilots and flight schools making the dream of ownership a reality through sales, lease backs, clubs, and partnerships.

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http://www.lightsportaircraftpilot.com – Evektor Aircraft, Evektor Harmony 10 year financing plan for flight schools.

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