Earning the Wings- First Solo C172p Calgary Flying Club GoPro hd

Aircraft- Cessna 172p SkyHawk II
Identification- Golf Quebec Charlie Uniform
Date- 17th April, 2013
Location- Calgary Flying Club, Springbank Airport, AB ( CYBW )

Attitude + Confidence = Performance 🙂

Some commentary to explain what I was doing on this First Solo flight:

– Taxi out to the “run-up bay” of the active runway.
– I performed pre-flight systems checks using the aircraft checklist to ensure everything is operating correctly.
– There’s a short wait for the Tower to provide take-off clearance (you’ll see that there was another aircraft on short final).
– Clearance for take-off is granted – I entered the active runway, powers up, and completes the last “rolling checks” ending with “thumbs up”.
– At 55 knots speed,I rotates the aircraft’s nose up by pulling back on the control yoke. We’re flying! No turning back now!
– climbs to 4500 feet above sea level (“ASL” ), maintains about 70 knots while climbing, and turns to the right (“the cross-wind leg”), climbs to 5000 feet ASL and turns right again onto the “Downwind leg” which parallels the runway. We’re now 1000 feet above the airport.
– completing pre-landing system checks, and at the right moment reduces power and turns right again onto the “Base leg”, descending to 4500 feet.
– The last right turn – we’re now on final approach, flaps extended for landing and continuing to descend. With maintaining the approach airspeed while adjusting power to maintain the proper glide slope to bring his aircraft to the landing zone on the runway.
– At the threshold of the runway, powers back to idle and controls the aircraft while it slows to touchdown speed and settles onto the ground. You’ll hear the “Stall Horn” sound just before touchdown as the aircraft announces it’s time to stop flying.
– Turning off the active runway, I then shuts down non-essential systems and requests taxi clearance back to the Club.
– Back at the Club, I complete the aircraft shut down checks and receives congrats for a job well done from his Instructor.

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