Central Flying Service 2015 – Flight Lessons – Year Two

Our second year of Aerospace Engineering has been a good one so far. After completing studies in the physics of flight, mechanics of flight, aircraft control, instrumentation, navigation, and spending time on flight simulators, the next natural step is getting these exceptional students in real aircraft.

Thirteen Hornet Engineering Aerospace students climbed aboard a few Cessna 172s on an overcast Saturday and got real flight time over Little Rock, Lake Maumelle, and Saline County. Each student spent a little over an hour on board and roughly a half-hour at the yoke with a certified Central Flying Service flight instructor.

The students had great experiences. Several had never been on a airplane; and their first time aboard, they were hands-on-yoke for takeoff. Too awesome.

We are extremely grateful for the great crew at Central Flying Service Little Rock for working with our students and making this happen a second year in a row. This has become a big part of our course and is as real-world an experience as we could ask for.

Visit Central Flying Service here – http://www.central.aero

Visit Hornet Engineering here – http://engineering.bryantschools.org

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