[BREAKING] Chinese Type 001A Aircraft Carrier Construction Details Revealed


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This video highlights the major differences between the newly built Type 001A the Liaoning. Construction of the Type 001A is due to be completed in 2017.

Currently under construction in the Northeastern Chinese city of Dalian, China’s new aircraft carrier is assumed to be based on the soviet Admiral Kutznetsov aircraft carrier design but without the 12 SS-N-19 Shipwreck missile launcher tubes. This design is believe to include an aircraft hangar larger than the original Admiral Kutznetsov design due to the absence of the SS-N-19 Shipwreck missile tubes, bringing the total air wing to ~50 aircraft. This new aircraft carrier will continue to use the ski jump STOBAR deck configuration, limiting both the selection of on-board aircraft carried and the range of on-board fixed-wing aircraft.

length: ~300m
displacement: 60,000 metric tons
air wing: ~50 aircraft of all types
carrier schema: STOBAR

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