Becoming A Pilot With Hess Flying School; From Inspiration To Pilots Wings

Hi, everyone. I’m Mark Hess, a certified flight instructor from You know, I’ve been fascinated by flight all my life and it goes back to when I read about Charles Lindbergh in the fourth grade. And I was just absolutely fascinated by what he was able to do. He did something that no one else had done, not because of his taking risks, but because of his being a thoughtful, planned pilot. And that kind of inspired me, my entire life, to think about flying and to think about teaching how to fly.

So, I became a Tempe flight instructor in October of 2012 because I wanted to be the instructor that I never had. And my philosophy is based around three principle things. One, I think all of us wanna be pilots, not students. Two, I think, I wanna learn why we do things, not how we do things. And three, in all of my flying, in all of my instructing, I wanna have fun, be confident, and know that I’m completely safe. Above and beyond everything else, you need to connect with the student. And I have learned that 75% of all of our learning is through seeing.

So, a part of that is also developing ground school and flight portions where we know in advance exactly what it is it we’re going to do. We know on day one, how this thing is going to finish. And the fun that we’re going to have is based on all the instruction we do on the ground where we learn about the airplane, we learn about the airplane’s systems, we learn about how to plan a flight, we learn about emergencies, so that when we actually take to the air, we’re having fun and we’re confident and collected in everything else that we do.

You know the bottom line is, I was a student pilot for a long time. And I know how important it is to have the support group at home. Your wife or your girlfriend, or your parents, or whatever situation you have, have to support you, and that’s an important thing. Also the time consideration, this is a six-to-nine-month commitment. It’s an expensive commitment. And because of that, we will sit down and plan out all of our Tempe flying lessons so that we’re maximizing your training dollars. The challenges are, we can’t start and stop. We can’t allow distractions that happen in all of our lives to interfere with our goal. And I think, if we sit down, and we have that alignment with your family and friends… I think, if we sit down and are aligned with what’s going on in your life, in school, or at work, or whatever your vocation is, I think we can plan out a structured program to get to your goal in six to nine months.

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