Airplanes landing and taking off

Airplanes landing and taking off:

In this plane spotting video you can see a lot of different airplanes landing and taking off at various airports around the globe. There is also close up footage of aircraft taxiing by with nice engine sounds and views. We have tried to mix a lot of different airplanes, aircraft types and airlines into this video so you can enjoy the beauty of flying. Some of the airplanes that land and take off in this video include:

Easyjet Airbus A320 landing
Thomson Boeing 787 Dreamliner
Nordwind Boeing 737
Embraer Business jet landing
Emirates Airbus A330
Pegasus Boeing 737-800
Monarch Airbus A321 landing
Turkish Boeing 777
Turkish A320 landing
Eurowings 737-800 landing
Transaero Boeing 747 landing
Vueling Airbus A320 landing
Boeing V-22 Osprey takeoff
Germanwings Airbus landing
Blue air 737 takeoff
Airbus A340
MD-80 landing

… and many more! We hope that our aircraft spotting fans will like this video of airplane landing and taking off.

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