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Airplane History – How did people fly in ancient times? in Hindi. Always want to think and do something, humans have come here. Everybody wants to fly like a bird in the blue sky, and this desire is not made today but the desire to fly in the sky is from the ancient times. Today, we have made this wish possible through science. But there is a question in everyone’s mind. Was it possible to fly in the sky in ancient times? So let’s talk about this topic today.

Wright Bondhu had embraced the dream of man by making kitty Hawk in 1903. Two French nationals flew a few miles away in air in light air balloons in Paris in 1780, but now some historians believe that many civilizations had developed the technology to fly somewhere earlier. Archaeological evidence found after years of research also point to this.

Even in ancient times, stories of mechanical instruments flying in Babylonian, Egyptian and Chinese civilizations have been popular. According to Indian Hindu religious texts, the Sage-Muni, mystics and godfathers traveled through the body or through mechanical equipment to decide their journey.

Mythological evidence: In the Ramayana, mention of Pushpak plane is found in which sitting Ravana Sita Mata was abducted, and in search of Sita’s mother, Hanuman flew into the sea and in the battle of Ram-Ravan to use the chariot flying by Meghnad Is also mentioned. It is believed that after the war, Shriram, along with Sita, Laxman and others, had traveled thousands of kilometers away from Lanka, located in the far south of Ayodhya in northern India, by air route from Pushpak aircraft. The Pushpak plane Ravana had obtained his brother Kuber from his own strength.

Most important is that in the fourth century BC, ‘aeronautical scriptures’ written by Maharishi Bharadwaj, in which many types of a flying instrument ‘plane’ were described, and many rules and types of air warfare were reported. ‘Godha’ salt was an aircraft that could be invisible. The ‘indirect’ salt aircraft could cripple enemy aircraft. The ‘catastrophic’ salt aircraft was a type of electrical energy, so that the pilot could make a terrible catastrophe. ‘Fast Form’ was an aircraft that looked like a cloud to see.

In 1898, a model of a wood-shaped, 6-inch tall glider found in a mausoleum in Egypt’s Sakkara was found around 200 BC. Was built in. After several years, Dr. Khalili Messiah, an Egyptian pilot expert, studied it and told that its texture is completely like the planes of today. Even its tail is made at the same angle. Because of which the current glider can fly in very little energy.

Although no relics or structures of any aircraft have been found in any Egyptian pyramid or tomb till date, but paintings on the temple of Abidos have been found engraved with photographs of today’s aircraft. Its researcher Dr. Ruth Hover says that “in the entire temple many such shapes are seen, in which aircraft and airborne flying devices are displayed. Some of them are similar to modern jets and helicopters’.

Similarly, the Nazka lines and shapes of the Inca civilization hidden in the mountains of Peru, for centuries, can still be seen from space. These lines long over the Latin American land level and sandy plateau are an outstanding example of geometry. There are 18 huge shapes of creatures made here so efficiently that it seems as if it was made from space with a huge brush from space.

Even today, wings of humans have been depicted in the frescoes of the ruins of the Inca civilization and pyramids, and the pictures of people in the dresses like flying saucers and astronauts are made. Apart from this, metal-made shapes of archeological residues from Central America meet the most modern planes.

In all these specimens, the talk of humans flying in the sky has been told so many times, believing that many ancient civilizations could fly easily through the invention of such technology.

Puranas, records, graffiti, ancient objects and ancient articles are considered to be a very important and authentic way of knowing history, is it not possible that in ancient times there has been a technique of flying with a civilization that has disappeared somewhere .

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