Aircraft Fasteners & Torque to Boeing Standard Specification BAC5009

This one-hour video covers the rules and material specifications* included in Boeing’s BAC5009 standard specification regarding aircraft fasteners, hole quality and torque. It also includes comprehensive descriptions of the various types of fasteners, rules and best practices in the demanding world of aviation. Students also learn about the use and features of various types of torque wrenches, how to properly use safety wire, and some simple math problems to convert inch-pounds to foot-pounds, as well as formulas for use of torque wrench extensions and drop-downs.

When determining proper bolt length, how many threads can be within the bolt hole? If torque isn’t called out in a manual or engineering drawing, how can you determine proper torque? How many threads can protrude above a nut? What is the maximum number of spacer washers than can be used in an aircraft installation? The fiber inserts on self-locking nuts are good to what temperature limit? What is the test to determine if a fiber nut can be reused?

These questions and many more are answered!

This on-line course is both educational and entertaining and concludes with a 25-question quiz, and the results are graded and returned via email to whomever the student designates, providing tangible proof that you can print and show to your PMI or other regulatory representatives. The course includes a nine-page student guide in .pdf format (with links to additional information sources, including the referenced documents).

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*This training may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in an effort to advance understanding of environmental, technical, safety, product quality, and scientific issues, etc. We believe this constitutes a “fair use” of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Law.

With regard to Boeing, BSS7600 contains general requirements for employee certifications, while detailed requirements for specific methods are contained in other BSS7600 series standards.

Those who are unfamiliar with Boeing’s general requirements for employee certification should know that this series of standards allows for training sources external to the Boeing Company.

Here’s the scope statement of BSS7600 (1.C.1 through 1.C.3)

C. Suppliers to The Boeing Company shall meet the requirements of BSS7600 and of the applicable BSS7600 series standard(s).

(1) Suppliers shall develop their own training materials and training courses that meet the requirements of BSS7600 and the applicable BSS7600 series standards(s).

(2) Suppliers may use other procedures to implement these employee certification requirements.

(3) Suppliers may substitute their organizational names for functions described within the BSS7600 series standards.

Also, you will see that most of the Boeing Specification Support Standards, including BSS7617 (Employee Certification for Electrical Bonding and Grounding) and BSS7604 (Employee Certification for Sealing Operations), assert in section 5.4 (Certifying Agency), that …”suppliers to The Boeing Company may designate another organization as their certifying agency.”