Air Force Pilot Training (T-6 Texan Phase)

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The United States Air Force puts its pilots through a year long training program called Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) The program is broken down into three phases, Phase 1 being academics, Phase 2 lasts approximately 5 months. Students start with basic aircraft control, advanced maneuvers, navigation, instrument flying, aerobatics and it all culminates in formation flying with aircraft less than 10 feet apart during certain phases of their sorties. The end of Phase 2 is the decision point for the student’s instructors and flight commanders to determine based on daily rides, checkrides and flight commander rating whether or not students will track fighter/bomber and continue on to the T-38 or Airlift and move on to the T-1. This video is the track selection video the young men of Vance Air Force Base’s class 14-03 presented to their friends, families and commanders on June 6, 2013.

Pilot Training