AeroSimRC Flight simulator Review — Learn to Fly FPV

Learn to Fly RC Quadcopters, Multirotors, RC Planes, RC Helicopters and FPV (First Person view flights) without crashing a single Aircraft using this new flight simulator that comes packed with tons of superb features. This is the Review of AeroSimRC Flight simulator and in this review I will just focus on Multirotors and FPV Flights using Multirotors.

Later on I will do more videos to show complete features of this superb and very affordable Flight simulator that offers unbeatable features. You can master the RC flying and start flying your aircraft like an experienced pilot in no time at all. Not to mention, you will save lots of money by reducing the risks of crashes due to lack of flying skills.

This is one best choice for all the beginners who want to learn to fly Multirotors, FPV, or RC aircraft of their choice. This is the first flight simulator that offers some brand OSDs to use for your Simulated FPV flights to get a true feel of flights and learning matching sim to real life as close as possible.

Using huge 3D maps to fly FPV around and have fun using Google earth maps to fly over your own locations. This is one super featured pack flight simulator and I am having tons of fun with it. Enjoy this video review.

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