「Infinity」 Learn to Fly – Haikyuu!!

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?jwo55vptm8woupo

All the info are at the end of the video (from 2:45 to 2:57)
All the comments asking for song and anime will be deleted, sorry not sorry.

I have volleyball feels ;o;
My friend Angie/ailynerie (you know that awesome person who always gives me heart attacks by making me Kagehina mmvs?) sent me this song, saying that it fit this anime, hence this amv was born. I miss watching the show every Sunday sigh COME BACK!!
Anyway I made this emotional. I fucked up the flow in some parts thou.
The Japanese Kanji 飛べ behind Karasuno at 2:31 means ‘Fly’ ofc.


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